Target + Facebook = weird

June 6, 2008

So, the internet is a weird place.  Check it out:

What if your mother could see you, Target?

Here we see a photo of some young Target worker putting a Hookah together so he can presumably smoke some sheesha, which is tobacco mixed with fruit.    It’s on Target’s facebook page.  I get it.  Target is cool and hip. 

But, isn’t this similar on some level to putting a picture of yourself on Facebook playing wizards?  As a level 15?  Wizards does not involve hit points, but beer, if you’re unfamiliar.  Look it up. 

Okay, so the hookah isn’t that bad, and most people on Facebook are young and will get it.  But isn’t that what you said about the Sarah Silverman quote you threw in your bio?  I don’t think they’re laughing, Steven. 

Don’t get me wrong.  Target is a great store, and I think it’s smart that they’re leveraging their employees to push their brand with young people.  But I think it’s weird that the new ways of the internet have compelled a huge company to have a picture of a guy smoking out of a water pipe on a website that is affiliated with them.

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