In The Midst of Hurricane Season

June 11, 2008

Hurricane season means different things to many people.  It’s prime time for weathermen.  It means overtime for emergency services.  Al Roker gets slammed to the ground by 100 mph winds.  And, of course, it also means destruction for thousands of people.  Unfortunately for boaters, boats and their covers are not immune.  I have talked to many people who have lost their covers when a hurricane struck, and surprisingly, most were just using a storage cover, i.e. one without straps.  Some even weighted it down with stones or concrete blocks.  This is not the best way to hold on to your cover in a hurricane. 

Those of you living in hurricane-prone areas should have a trailerable boat cover with at least four straps for this time of year.  These covers are designed to stand up to highway winds, and while there’s no guarantee that the cover will hold up in hurricane-force winds, at least you have a fighting chance.  Keep your storage cover for easy access to the boat, but keep a trailerable cover in reserve for use when high winds are expected. 

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