Drunk on Boating?

July 14, 2008

While responsible boaters know that they must always be on the lookout for shallow waters, debris, and overboard children while out in their boats, they might also have another thing to worry about. KSL.com in Utah reports a relatively new phenomenon: “marine stressors.” These factors, including lots of sun, wind, noise and motor vibration can make a boater appear to be drunk, and significantly impair judgment. Utah police say that 6-8 hours driving a boat in these conditions can result in impairment equal to having a blood alcohol content of .10.

Authorities suggest taking a break from driving every few hours and that boaters drink a lot of water to minimize the effects of these “marine stressors.” This is also related to the recent phenomenon of “gaspriceitis” which can cause power boat owners to immediately locate a broker and trade their gas guzzler in for a sailboat.

Original article.

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