Best Towing Truck for the Buck

July 21, 2008

Best Boat Tower in the Land

Best Boat Tower in the Land

After an exhaustive analysis, I have decided that the Chevy Silverado with work truck trim is the best truck to get if one needs something exclusively for towing. Before looking at all the options, I thought one of the compact trucks would get better mileage with a similar tow rating. I was wrong. All the little trucks get relatively expensive when you get an engine big enough to tow anything of decent weight (like above 1500 lbs). The Chevy is only $17,500 (and I’m sure you can get that down at the lot) with 15 city/20 highway mpg. The base F-150 can only handle 2400 lbs, and the Ram only 3300, while the Chevy can handle 4800. The Tundra can handle plenty of weight, but is $4K more. Not sure why, but I was somewhat surprised to see that all of these trim levels had similar gas mileage, all around 15 city/20 highway. So, just buy a stripped full-size truck with zero options if you need to tow a boat for cheap. No revelations there.

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