Easy RV Cover Installation

August 13, 2008

How To Easily Put on RV Cover

How To Easily Put On RV Cover

RVs are big. As such, RV covers are big, too. They can weigh 20-60 lbs depending on the thickness of the material, and, be as long as 40 feet. How to put one of these on single-handed? Sure, you could struggle for half an hour putting each corner in place, climbing up on the ladder and scrambling to keep the thing straight. Or, you could follow the diagram above for an easy and stress-free experience. Just tie two ropes to the ends of the long side of the cover. Throw ropes over cover to side you will pull cover on from. Walk around to side ends of rope are one. Grab ropes. Walk backward slowly, keeping cover decently aligned with the RV. Use broom stick or something else long to fine-tune the fitment. You are done. Wasn’t that easy? Congratulations on your new bit of knowledge.

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250 Years Ago

Young John McCain: 250 Years Ago

With gas prices so high, motorcycles have become more popular than ever. The flagship event for bikers, the Sturgis Gathering, should attract more fans than ever. Politicians are not missing these developments. Couple the increased crowds with a chance to gain way with blue collar voters, and candidate John McCain is in like Flynn. He’s scheduled to speak to Sturgis-goers from the main stage in between sets from REO Speedwagon, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Def Lepard. Sounds like its very age-appropriate for Mr. McCain. Haha.

I did a Google image search for Sturgis, and, well, let’s just say I have a hard time seeing Mr. McCain fitting in. This is a family blog, so I can’t post anything that you’re likely to find there, but let’s hope he leaves Cindy at home.

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Those guys have AK-47s!  Do I still have the right of way?

Those guys have AK-47s! Do I still have the right of way?

Here in Seattle, there are huge banners in front of the port asking private citizens to report suspicious activity on the waterways. This has been in the works for several years, and is mentioned in the Department of Homeland Secruity’s proposal for improving maritime security from 2004. It looks like this inititiative, which, among many other things, asks private boaters to be more proactive in observing their environments and reporting suspicious activity, is getting more formally implemented in our nation’s most important ports and waterways. Buffalo’s mayor has offered his city’s boaters as watchdogs for the DHS; how this program is different from DHS’ banner campaign around other ports is unclear.

You know, this is probably a good idea. While many boaters will likely continue on their way relatively clueless about what’s going on around them, and there will certainly be some false positives, this at least gets people thinking about the issue of maritime security and maybe, if someone sees a guy with a tube that looks like it might be a stinger missile, he’ll call the FBI and they’ll get him before he shoots down a plane. You never know.

OK, that sounded kind of stupid. My guess is this will net some illegals and maybe some drugs. Really, what’s suspicious mean? I think DHS should define what they think constitutes suspicious behavior, in detail, before launching this. Yeah, that sounds hard, and sure, you don’t want to give terrorists a blueprint to avoid detection, but unleashing fearful boaters without any guidelines seems just as bad. I guess there’s no easy answer. Terrorism sucks.

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