Easy RV Cover Installation

August 13, 2008

How To Easily Put on RV Cover

How To Easily Put On RV Cover

RVs are big. As such, RV covers are big, too. They can weigh 20-60 lbs depending on the thickness of the material, and, be as long as 40 feet. How to put one of these on single-handed? Sure, you could struggle for half an hour putting each corner in place, climbing up on the ladder and scrambling to keep the thing straight. Or, you could follow the diagram above for an easy and stress-free experience. Just tie two ropes to the ends of the long side of the cover. Throw ropes over cover to side you will pull cover on from. Walk around to side ends of rope are one. Grab ropes. Walk backward slowly, keeping cover decently aligned with the RV. Use broom stick or something else long to fine-tune the fitment. You are done. Wasn’t that easy? Congratulations on your new bit of knowledge.

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5 Responses to “Easy RV Cover Installation”

  1. Janice said

    What a helpful post. Keep them coming!

  2. Dawn Treader said

    Very useful, but a typo made it confusing. Edit the word “cover” to “RV” in the line “Throw ropes over cover…” and it makes more sense. thanks

  3. Tried this – but it still gets caught on the antenna and/or air conditioner – any suggestions?

  4. Ralph Lindley Jr. said

    It would help if I knew how the cover was folded, pulling it over the AC and roof mounted items would be hard to do because it would hang up and I wouldn’t want to push it up from down below with a stick and chance tearing the cover. I would prefer carrying it up and unfolding it if I knew how it was folded up initially. Not knowing I would have to unroll / fold in my driveway then re-fold and roll up so I would know how to do the unroll on the roof of my 5th wheel. any help.
    Have the 29′ fithwheel cover. appreciate the help.

    • coverbonanza said

      Hi Ralph,

      That is good feedback. I have requested that the manufacturer, at the very least, fold these so that the interior is on the outside and is properly oriented when unrolled. I have also asked them to label both ends as the front and rear so that buyers will know which end to start from if they tried your method. I will post if anything changes.


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