ATV’s Getting Street Legal?

September 3, 2008

Is camo really a good idea?

Is camo really a good idea?

A number of smaller towns are legalizing ATV use on their city-owned roads.  Reasons for this include the growing popularity of the vehicles and higher gas prices that make fuel-efficient ATV’s more practical for short trips.  The ordinances that I have seen only allow ATV’s to be driven dring the day, and cannot allow ATV drivers to use state-owned roads, just those owned by the city.  This is probably OK for those living in smaller towns with minimal traffic, but can you imagine getting in a wreck with a car in one of these things?  Looks like motorcycles have lost their title of King Deathtrap on American roads.  UTVs/side-by-sides are also included in some of these ordinances. 


Sidney, NE

Marshall, MO

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