Golf Cart Covers & Enclosures

December 18, 2008



For those of us in the northern US, golf this time of year is almost unthinkable. But there is a whole region of America that is not freezing right now! Although it is snowing in Las Vegas, many southern inhabitants have been outfitting their golf carts with winter enclosures to protect against those sub-70 degree temperatures.

Some things to consider:

– Generally, the more clear plastic there is, the shorter the lifespan of the enclosure.
– Four-sided enclosures (includes a windshield) are easier to make than three-sided versions, which means they’re probably less expensive.
– 1983-99 club cars have a weird tubing support structure that makes most 3-sided enclosures require an adapter to work.
– Get lots of zippers. The more zippers, the more convenient it will be.

That’s all for today. More pearls of wisdom to follow.

Golf cart covers

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