Let's see, keep self-storage or sell the car?

Let's see, keep self-storage or sell the car?

Okay, so ‘bolstered’ is probably too strong of a word. How about ‘made less ugly’ in this economy.

“In this economy” is a phrase one hears often these days. It is both the answer to and beginning of many questions that get asked daily in offices and homes around the world. Just yesterday my boss asked me if I was going to hit my number this month. I answered, with, you guessed it, “In this economy?” I was then told that was not an excuse and to stop being such a baby, in not so many words.

With all the doom and gloom it’s easy to overlook potential opportunities. In my case, covers are a cheaper substitute for monthly storage for RVs, boats, cars, etc. Awesome. Now, will this offset the decline in sales associated with new purchases, i.e. when you buy an RV, you buy a cover? I doubt it. But the landing is a little softer because of it. Let’s hope so. Cause it’s getting close to boat cover season, baby.

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