Super Secret Generic RV Covers

July 1, 2010

Like Sunbrella. But cheaper.

Who would have ever thought that prescription drugs and RV covers would have something in common?

Everyone is familiar with Dupont, right? The gigantic chemical/textile/materials company that sells Sunbrella and Tyvek, common materials for RV covers? Well, I have a secret. Like a generic prescription drug, they have been knocked off, to the point that the ‘fakes’ are almost as good as the original materials.

Tyvek is used to seal houses, among other things, making it a natural choice to use to cover your RV. Unfortunately, it’s kind of expensive. Not least because the manufacturers have to pay a licensing fee to Dupont for the privilege of making it. Well, what’s one to do? Use Polypropylene! A suitably layered polypropylene RV cover will approach the durability and impermeability of Tyvek with a much lower price tag. Typically, the polypropylene versions are at least 20% cheaper.

Now, if you want an even better cover without the sticker shock of Sunbrella, try treated polyester. The tensile strength of a polyester RV cover rivals that of Sunbrella with nearly the same resistance to UV penetration. Warranties typically meet or exceed 4 years, making them a great buy for those sick of replacing their cover every season.

All-in-all, I encourage you to explore these less-expensive options. It’s my guess you’ll get a very similar level of performance.

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