Garden Furniture Covers

February 14, 2011

Garden furniture covers

Not just a furniture saver, but a time saver

As the February rains (or snows) beat down and make us wish for May, many of you doubtlessly have moved your patio furniture under cover, perhaps in the garage or the shed. This is, of course, a sound policy, as water and even winter sun can combine to age your furniture 3 seasons in one winter.

Once you get it out for spring-time grilling and fun, however, you don’t want to be lugging that heavy furniture back and forth as need dictates. Why not get some garden furniture covers to protect your expensive recreational investment? These covers can extend the useful life of your furniture dramatically, absorbing all the punishment and keeping it looking nice and ready to go at the drop of a hat.

Cover manufacturers have dramatically expanded their offering, with new products like Veranda island grill top covers for those of you with built-in island grills. These covers are made with a high-quality 600 denier polyester that is similar in durability to soft luggage.

If you don’t want to break the bank, you could look at Villa BBQ grill covers. Starting at $29.99 with free shipping, these are an excellent value. Made with treated polypropylene, which has similar qualities to Dupont’s Tyvek, these covers will prevent sun and rain damage for around two seasons.

Another relatively new product is the Veranda offset umbrella cover. Those of you who have been searching for this item will be impressed with the quality of the material and the 3-year warranty.

Garden furniture is a must for those of you with the outdoor space to enjoy it, but so are the garden furniture covers. Don’t lug these pieces around every time you use them, or worse yet, leave them exposed to the elements. Cover them up!

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