Colorado Pontoon Boat

March 15, 2011

Colorado Pontoon Boat

Fish will fear you.

The Colorado pontoon boat is the most popular personal pontoon boat that I sell. It has 9′ pontoons for great stability, a rear basket and several pockets for storage, a comfortable folding seat and is made of tough 900 denier polyester and 3 mm PVC.

Currently on special for $389.95 with free shipping, this pontoon boat is a steal. Perfect for waters that prohibit motorized craft, these boats keep you out of the water and fresh for a long day of fishing. This boat is also sold by retailers like Costco, and you may have seen it under different names like the Wilderness, the Outfitter, or the Rogue SP. The differences are purely cosmetic and you can save money if you buy the original under the current promotion.


Lawn Mower Covers

March 9, 2011

Zero-Turn Lawn Mower Cover

Cover a Toro with a Cub Cadet cover. Save money.

Your lawn is a sacred place. You play with your kids there. Maybe you chip whiffle balls when you can’t make it to the range. It’s soft. Luxurious. And always the right length because you mow it weekly. Sometimes even twice a week.

Your lawn mower may be the third-most expensive piece of machinery you own, after your cars. Or, perhaps, your small lawn only needs a push mower. At $200 each, however, it’s not a negligible expense. Which is why we at CoverBonanza recommend covering your lawn mower and protecting it from the elements. Lawn mower covers are actually pretty cheap. A push mower cover will run you about $30, including freight. If you have a riding mower, whether it’s a zero-turn mower cover you’re looking for or a standard fixed axle cover, there are usually deals to be had. If you can deal with a logo not matching your machine, many manufacturers will have leftover brand-specific licensed covers they’re trying to get rid of. The Cub Cadet and Craftsman models are great examples of this on my site. Both are $30 or less compared to at least $40 for a generic off-the-shelf model.

Keep your lawn mower in great shape with a cover. You’ll be rewarded with a great-looking machine and many trouble-free years of operation.

Yamaha Rhino Cab Enclosure

Now with half the doors.

About two years ago, Yamaha had a problem with its popular Rhino utility vehicle (UTV). Apparently, not having doors on the machine was causing people to fall out while making sharp turns. To fix this, Yamaha issued a recall on the Rhino and retro-fitted half doors on it. This put some accessory companies in a bind, however, as some parts, like UTV enclosures, wouldn’t fit the new configuration.

Not to worry. A spec change was issued by these enclosure makers and their Yamaha Rhino Cab Enclosures are now sized to fit models with doors. This means a bit of a sacrifice for those who elected not to put the doors on their machines, as the enclosures will leave about a foot and a half of space where the door should be. But, if you have a Rhino, you should really get the doors put on. It should be free and dramatically improves the safety of the machine. The real losers in this deal are those who bought the Rhino knockoffs, vehicles sometimes licensed by Yamaha and usually made in China, as they are not eligible for the recall and now many Rhino accessories won’t work with their machines.