Delaware pontoon boat

A boat that can go on a plane.

The Delaware portable pontoon boat is now only $274.95 with free shipping. It is one of the few portable personal pontoon boats out there, coming with a rolling travel bag much like an overnight carry-on bag. Kind of amazing when you consider that it has a 350 lb. weight capacity and still has 8′ pontoons for good stability. It even comes in at under 50 lbs so you could check it if taking it on a flight. It’s also equipped with dual-chambered pontoons for extra safety. In other words, if you have a pontoon failure, it won’t completely deflate, letting you limp into shore.

delaware pontoon boat duffel

Roll your boat to shore.

Hickory Grill Cover

A manly cover for a manly tool.

Classic Accessories has launched a new line of grill covers designed specifically to appear more masculine than their girly Veranda line. The materials are essentially the same, but taking cues from hunting lodges and hardwood shotgun stocks, they’ve styled these covers in a deep brown with a darker brown (think leather) lining.

So, if you’re tired of emasculating your grill with your wife’s cover choice, your day has come. The Hickory grill covers are here.