Colorado Pontoon Boat

Pontoon boat? More like pawntoon

The Colorado pontoon boat has been my best-selling boat for years. Introduced over 4 years ago, it has maintained a strong presence in the market long since its contemporaries were discontinued or made-over. It has several variations, as well, with re-badged versions selling as the Wilderness and the Outfitter, for example. You may own a Colorado and not even know it.

A rugged and relatively feature-rich boat, the Colorado is right in the sweet spot for introductory personal pontoon boat buyers. For years it was around $450, out the door, affording retailers a decent margin and buyers a pretty good deal. Recently, however, the Colorado has become a pawn in the ever-worsening price war between Amazon and Wal-Mart. Sadly, this once-great source of contribution margin is going the way of the pontoon boat or RV cover: a high-dollar item that buyers use to inflate average order size and top line sales dollars at the expense of gross margin. Amazon’s current strategy of sacrificing profit for sales is a boon to the consumer, if not for schmucks like us.

3 months ago, the Colorado sold for $417.54 at Wal-Mart and Amazon. It is now around $350, including shipping. This is amazingly low, and a fantastic deal for the consumer. I hate to say it, but buyers should take advantage of this pricing if they don’t mind buying from these two behemoths. Don’t forget who told you if you need, say, a grill cover. We’re still competitive with those.


DryGuard Canvas Boat Cover

Waterproof canvas boat covers are here

If you own a boat, it is wise to keep your investment in the best shape possible, and canvas boat covers can do the job. Constant sunlight, wind, and rain can all slowly break down the exterior of the boat, and may destroy the interior quite quickly. Cover Bonanza offers everything from pontoon boat covers to personal watercraft covers, perfect for jet skis. Consider the different types of canvas boat covers available before you buy.

Most of our covers are adjustable and reflective so that they fit your watercraft perfectly while protecting it from sun fade. Most people enjoy showing off their boat and are not thrilled at the prospect of throwing an unattractive cover on it. However, it is possible to find a boat cover that looks stylish, contemporary, and perfectly fitting for your boat. You might even consider custom boat covers if you want to show some of your own personality through your boat’s protective covering. Overall, you should remember that the best way for your boat to retain its beauty is to stay protected from the elements when not in use, which is how Cover Bonanza can help you.

We pride ourselves on providing a large selection of covers so that customers with all types of watercraft are pleased. Many of our customers need pontoon boat covers for their flat-bottomed boats, while others have a need for a pedal boat cover. Of course, if you own a jon boat, pond boat, or canoe, we also have you and your watercraft covered. If you are unsure what kind of cover you need in order to protect your boat from the elements, feel free to ask us for a recommendation. We likely have a strong canvas cover that will suit your needs perfectly.

Canvas boat covers are the best protection against inclement weather when you cannot keep your boat in a garage. No matter where you live, there is likely some kind of danger to your boat when it is kept outside, whether it is direct sunlight, constant rain, or strong winds. Fortunately, you can cover both your entire boat and even each seat to shield it from damage over time. All you have to do is contact Cover Bonanza to get started protecting your boat today.

Trailers are the Bomb

July 13, 2011

Travel Trailer Cover

Keep it neat and tidy on the outside, too.

If you camp often, it is likely important to you that your trailer stay in good condition for years, making travel trailer covers a requirement. These can protect your vehicle against snow, rain, ice, mold, mildew, and UV rays from the sun, any of which can gradually destroy your trailer. Whether you use your camper often or keep it in storage for much of the year, you should check out what Cover Bonanza has to offer those who wish to keep their camping equipment in top shape for as long as possible.

If you want your cover to fit as if it were custom made for your trailer, you will appreciate our travel trailer covers, which are adjustable with elastic hems. We offer a cover for nearly any trailer size, and each one allows interior moisture to escape to the outside while protecting the trailer from moisture coming from the exterior. Zippered panels and a travel bag in which to store the cover are also extra features that you will not find on all RV trailer covers on the market.

Travel trailer coversfor large RVs are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to our protective gear. We also offer smaller covers that are perfect for truck campers. Much like most of our other covers, our truck camper covers are made of polypropylene, a material that is known for keeping out moisture and UV damage while preventing the buildup of mold or mildew. This means that you can protect your truck camper from various types of damage, whether while on the road or while it is in storage.

Whether your goal is to shield your travel vehicle from sun damage, moisture, or dirt, we at Cover Bonanza can help. Our RV trailer covers come in all shapes and sizes to provide a near custom fit for your vehicle, which means that you will get protection for every part of your trailer. Not to be outdone, our truck camper covers are the perfect size for smaller RVs that need to be shielded from the elements, whether during travel or storage. If you are not sure whether we have a cover that perfectly fits your RV, feel free to contact us to find out today.