Oval and round patio furniture covers can be versatile

One big cover to fit them all

If you have an unusually shaped piece of patio furniture, you’ve been there. Maybe you’re a free-spirit, or simply didn’t have room for a standard 70″ sofa. So you bought that low-slung 63″ loveseat to fit in that nook, and didn’t want the hanging gardenias to knock people in the head when they sat down. C’est la vie. You may wish to consider getting a bit creative. oval and round patio table covers come in many different sizes, and are typically shorter than regular furniture covers, at 24″. You will want to consider if there are pieces you have that can be combined into a larger lump of patio furniture goodness to fill out the cover. Another nice thing about this concept is that you can space out the furniture to the maximum width or length of the cover, using those gaps to get a pretty tight fit. The only limits on this application are a) being strong/driven enough to move the patio furniture around, and b) finding pieces that are relatively uniform in height so that there is not a slanting end that puts the cover on the ground where it can soak up water. It’s kind of like playing tetris with your furniture, and while it’s not ideal, it will be much more cost-effective than buying a custom cover.

cab enclosure for utv's and side by sides

With a 12V heater, you'll be shooting from the cab.

UTV cab enclosures are the best way to make your work and play time in your side-by-side the most enjoyable this winter. With that said, there are several different kinds out there.

“Hard” cabs are some of the best solutions available. They are extremely durable, using lexan for the windows and ABS plastic (automotive-grade) for the rest of the shell. The doors often swing open for convenience, or they can be un-bolted if things warm up. If you can afford this solution, it is a great way to go. But, you may not be able to as these cabs typically surpass $1000 in total cost, putting them out of reach of many machine owners.

Soft UTV Cabs can be a nice compromise for an enclosure if price is an issue. Made of thick polyester and PVC for the windows, these cabs use zippers for access, and while not as convenient as a hard cab, they get the job done at a fraction of the price. These will generally retail for $200-$250, and if you’re paying more, you’re paying too much. There are cabs for Polaris Rangers, Yamaha Rhinos, Teryx’s and most popular models. If cost is an issue for you, consider a soft cab and stay warm throughout the winter months.

Patio Furniture is Rusting?

December 13, 2011

Rusting patio furniture is easy to fix. Just use a dremel and remove the rusted portions down to the clean metal. If it is a painted surface, re-paint as necessary. If it is a bare surface, like wrought iron or the like, you may want to consider patio furniture covers to keep moisture and rain off of your furniture. Rust is caused by moisture, in that it speeds up the oxidization process of the metal, making it brittle. All unpainted metal will rust eventually due to moisture in the air, but keeping rain and the elements off the furniture will delay the process. You can treat the metal with certain coatings (like WD40), but this is not convenient for those who actually want to use the furniture without staining their clothing. Short of painting the metal, which effectively coats it with an impermeable layer preventing oxidation, your best bet is to put patio or garden furniture covers on top of it when not in use.

Garden Furniture Covers

December 8, 2011

Why is my garden not as comfortable as I want it to be? Your first problem is that you don’t have garden furniture to lounge and relax on. Your second problem is that you’re not protecting your garden furniture with garden furniture covers. Covers make your furniture last longer and are much more convenient than dragging it inside after every time you use it. You can also keep cushions on the furniture as the covers will protect it. Don’t let your furniture get pounded by the sun and ruined by the rain. Cover it up!

Bike cover for RV's

Accessories make life better.

There are thousands of accessories for your home RV, including covers for your windshield, wheels, the RV itself, and even things you carry on the RV, like bikes, for example. RV covers bring a lot to the table. They are cheaper than semi-permanent shelters like straight legged canopies, and offer similar protection. They are also portable and can be taken with you regardless of where you end up parking the RV for the night. Sunlight is incredibly destructive, especially to those very popular rubber roofs, and a cover is a much better thing to replace after a few years than a roof!

If you’re tired of cleaning road grime and mud off of your bikes after driving, consider a bike cover for RV’s. These durable covers feature clear plastic for the taillights, meaning unobscured turn signals and brake lights for safety and a patented split-back design for easy installation and removal. The 2-year warranty ensures peace of mind, and a reflective logo heightens visibility. These are a great accessory for your on-the-go lifestyle and will prolong the life of vulnerable bike parts like chains and seats.

adjustable patio umbrella cover

Maintain flexibility with this handsome cover.

As most of us know, the sun moves throughout the day. This fact of life makes a tilting patio umbrella very convenient for matching the pesky sun and its movements across the sky. Time has passed and the sun is obscuring your iPad? No problem. Just tilt the umbrella down. But wait? How do I do this?

Most adjustable umbrellas are of the ‘crank and tilt’ variety. The crank opens and closes the ribs of the umbrella and there is a joint
that lets the umbrella pole bend in one direction. Like a knee. There is usually a button that acts as a latch for the joint, locking it together in a straight line. Depressing the button allows the joint to move, pushing the latch out of line with the hole that secured the top portion. These buttons can get rusty and can become difficult to operate. You should keep the joint lubricated with WD40 to keep it flexible.

Other means of tilting involve the same joint as mentioned above, but with a sleeve that locks over a lip on the bottom portion. Lifting up the sleeve should allow the joint to flex and let you adjust the angle of the umbrella.

Like I said, these joints that allow you to ajust your umbrella can get rusty and/or filled with debris. You should consider protecting your umbrella with a patio umbrella cover. These covers will keep moisture, dirt and debris out of the mechanism and reduce maintenance and prolong operation. They can be quite stylish, as well.

Why does my RV roof crack?

December 6, 2011

class a rv cover

Prevent cracking with a cover or canopy.

Most RV and trailer roofs are made of rubber these days. Unfortunately, when damaged by UV rays, rubber cracks. That is the short answer. The sun is your true enemy. While water will ‘exploit’ cracks and damage in the roof, and if you get rained on and the water freezes and then expands, cracks will get worse, these faults will not happen if you limit your roof’s exposure to sun. If you don’t have an RV garage, what is there to do? Well, you have two realistic options: an RV garage canopy, or an RV cover. The canopy is more convenient: just drive in and turn her off. The cover, while cheaper, requires a bit more work and you’ll need to negotiate AC units, antennae and ladders to get it on. Either one will provide protection, you just need to determine how much work you want to do.

Class B Covers Are Hot

December 5, 2011

Class B RV Cover from Classic Accessories

Lots of size for a lot less money

Classic Accessories Class B RV Covers are gaining in popularity as more and more people decide to go with less costly and more fuel efficient Class B RV’s over more traditional Class A’s and Class C’s. Class B RV’s offer a nice compromise between spaciousness, cost and fuel usage. They are built on common van chassis, letting manufacturers take advantage of lower costs on these more heavily-produced underpinnings. If you have a Roadtrek, Airstream, Sprinter or Pleasure-way, I have four different sizes that can accomodate pretty much any make and model.

Yamaha Drive Custom Enclosure

For a comfortable 18 holes, use this during the Winter.

Why does a golf course have 18 holes? is one the most common golf questions out there. The real reason is that the Royal and Ancient Club at St. Andrews in Scotland issued a decree that 18 holes was the proper length of a match. Nobody knows exactly why, but it is hypothesized that the land available to the club was at one time divided into 11 holes, and a match consisted of 2 players playing the 11 hole course twice. But, 2 of the holes were deemed to be too short, and the course was chopped down to 9 holes for each half of play. That is a pretty boring story, so I hypothesize that a golf course is 18 holes long so you have a great reason to buy a golf cart and by extension, a custom golf cart enclosure.

Golf cart enclosures come in a wide range of designs, but anyone who has had a universal cover flap around in the wind knows that it’s tough to beat the exact fitment of a custom job. Affordable custom enclosures are available for three of the major golf cart models: the Yamaha Drive, the EZ Go RXV, and the Club Car Precedent. These covers all fit their respective models perfectly and users won’t have to worry about redundant windshields or loose sides. If you are fortunate enough to have a new version of one of these carts, these enclosures can dramatically expand your golf season and let you play a comfortable game at winter rates with no waiting at the tee box.

Trailer and RV covers prolong the life of your mobile home.

RV’s are among the most expensive things a person can buy, after a home. While trailers can be had for less than $10k, true RV’s, powered vehicles like Class A’s and Class C’s, can easily surpass $100K if bought brand new. RV’s are expensive for a number of reasons; they are very large, requiring large amounts of materials. They are not sold in the volume of cars and trucks, meaning that fixed production costs are distributed over a smaller number of units. Large Class A’s are essentially a bus chassis that is then transformed into the final product; it is practically a custom, rather than mass-produced, job. Further, large engines are expensive to design and produce. Everything about an RV is big, and big generally means expensive.

Keeping all this in mind, and I should point out that ‘why are rv’s so expensive’ is the number one RV-related question on the major search engines, it is evident that RV owners should use an RV cover. Anyone who has had to replace their roof on an RV can tell you that spending a few hundred dollars every 3-4 years is much more cost-effective. Rubber roofs are used on an estimated 85% of all RV’s. Anyone who has seen a rubber ball left out in the sun has seen the results: rubber cracks, and then your roof leaks. Class C covers, class A covers, truck camper covers, whatever you have, you should cover it. Protect your investment with an RV cover and avoid expensive repairs down the road.