Holiday Storage Solutions

December 1, 2011

Ornament storage bag in cranberry

The 11 months in the future sales pitch

I just dusted off the Christmas tree decorations last night and was amused to find that I’d used a rolled up Men’s Journal to wrap my lights around. Hey, it worked. Not a single broken bulb. I was less jolly when I saw that I’d lost three ornaments to breakage as the Christmas box got moved throughout my place over the last year. And not the cheap bulb ornaments; they were cool ornaments like Santa’s hat and a peace sign-wielding dove. Judging by the adwords cost per click for holiday storage devices, I am definitely not the first person to think about selling these types of bags. However, it is possible that I am the nicest. Which is why I am offering ornament storage bags, artificial tree bags, wrapping paper bags and more with free shipping. You, dear reveler, can be free of broken ornaments for the low low price of $41.28. The bag is a festive ‘cranberry’ color and, as you can see, is quite Christmasy. If you are running short on magazines or simply wish to get more organized, buy one of these bags. Think of how much happier you’ll feel 11 months down the road.

File this away for your Christmas parties: Wisconsin leads the United States in cranberry production with 430 million pounds produced in 2011.


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