Why Are RV’s So Expensive?

December 2, 2011

Trailer and RV covers prolong the life of your mobile home.

RV’s are among the most expensive things a person can buy, after a home. While trailers can be had for less than $10k, true RV’s, powered vehicles like Class A’s and Class C’s, can easily surpass $100K if bought brand new. RV’s are expensive for a number of reasons; they are very large, requiring large amounts of materials. They are not sold in the volume of cars and trucks, meaning that fixed production costs are distributed over a smaller number of units. Large Class A’s are essentially a bus chassis that is then transformed into the final product; it is practically a custom, rather than mass-produced, job. Further, large engines are expensive to design and produce. Everything about an RV is big, and big generally means expensive.

Keeping all this in mind, and I should point out that ‘why are rv’s so expensive’ is the number one RV-related question on the major search engines, it is evident that RV owners should use an RV cover. Anyone who has had to replace their roof on an RV can tell you that spending a few hundred dollars every 3-4 years is much more cost-effective. Rubber roofs are used on an estimated 85% of all RV’s. Anyone who has seen a rubber ball left out in the sun has seen the results: rubber cracks, and then your roof leaks. Class C covers, class A covers, truck camper covers, whatever you have, you should cover it. Protect your investment with an RV cover and avoid expensive repairs down the road.

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