How do I tilt my patio umbrella?

December 6, 2011

adjustable patio umbrella cover

Maintain flexibility with this handsome cover.

As most of us know, the sun moves throughout the day. This fact of life makes a tilting patio umbrella very convenient for matching the pesky sun and its movements across the sky. Time has passed and the sun is obscuring your iPad? No problem. Just tilt the umbrella down. But wait? How do I do this?

Most adjustable umbrellas are of the ‘crank and tilt’ variety. The crank opens and closes the ribs of the umbrella and there is a joint
that lets the umbrella pole bend in one direction. Like a knee. There is usually a button that acts as a latch for the joint, locking it together in a straight line. Depressing the button allows the joint to move, pushing the latch out of line with the hole that secured the top portion. These buttons can get rusty and can become difficult to operate. You should keep the joint lubricated with WD40 to keep it flexible.

Other means of tilting involve the same joint as mentioned above, but with a sleeve that locks over a lip on the bottom portion. Lifting up the sleeve should allow the joint to flex and let you adjust the angle of the umbrella.

Like I said, these joints that allow you to ajust your umbrella can get rusty and/or filled with debris. You should consider protecting your umbrella with a patio umbrella cover. These covers will keep moisture, dirt and debris out of the mechanism and reduce maintenance and prolong operation. They can be quite stylish, as well.


One Response to “How do I tilt my patio umbrella?”

  1. Janie said

    Well, actually, as most of us know — we move and the sun stands still. Silly you. 🙂

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