Patio Furniture is Rusting?

December 13, 2011

Rusting patio furniture is easy to fix. Just use a dremel and remove the rusted portions down to the clean metal. If it is a painted surface, re-paint as necessary. If it is a bare surface, like wrought iron or the like, you may want to consider patio furniture covers to keep moisture and rain off of your furniture. Rust is caused by moisture, in that it speeds up the oxidization process of the metal, making it brittle. All unpainted metal will rust eventually due to moisture in the air, but keeping rain and the elements off the furniture will delay the process. You can treat the metal with certain coatings (like WD40), but this is not convenient for those who actually want to use the furniture without staining their clothing. Short of painting the metal, which effectively coats it with an impermeable layer preventing oxidation, your best bet is to put patio or garden furniture covers on top of it when not in use.


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