When Patio Furniture Covers won’t Fit

December 21, 2011

Oval and round patio furniture covers can be versatile

One big cover to fit them all

If you have an unusually shaped piece of patio furniture, you’ve been there. Maybe you’re a free-spirit, or simply didn’t have room for a standard 70″ sofa. So you bought that low-slung 63″ loveseat to fit in that nook, and didn’t want the hanging gardenias to knock people in the head when they sat down. C’est la vie. You may wish to consider getting a bit creative. oval and round patio table covers come in many different sizes, and are typically shorter than regular furniture covers, at 24″. You will want to consider if there are pieces you have that can be combined into a larger lump of patio furniture goodness to fill out the cover. Another nice thing about this concept is that you can space out the furniture to the maximum width or length of the cover, using those gaps to get a pretty tight fit. The only limits on this application are a) being strong/driven enough to move the patio furniture around, and b) finding pieces that are relatively uniform in height so that there is not a slanting end that puts the cover on the ground where it can soak up water. It’s kind of like playing tetris with your furniture, and while it’s not ideal, it will be much more cost-effective than buying a custom cover.


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