Cab Enclosure Closeout

January 31, 2012

UTV cab enclosure from Coverbonanza

Make work or play more comfortable.

Kawasaki 610 Mule’s are one the most popular side-by-sides in the country. Along with the Polaris Ranger and Yamaha Rhino, the 610 is one tough Utility Vehicle, or UTV. Working and hunting in the winter can get cold in these things, though, so take advantage of special pricing on this Kawasaki 610 cab enclosure. It’s a factory defect, but the only thing wrong with it is slightly different shades of black in the panels. For half price, many flaws can be overlooked, least of all something only visible if you’re looking for it. Stay warm out there and if you don’t have a 610, I think you’ll find pricing for other models quite reasonable.

Stormpro Boat Cover from CoverBonanza

Strong yet flexible

Brad Wiegmann, professional fishing guide and boater, wrote this review of the Stormpro boat cover sold by CoverBonanza. Looks like the first impression was pretty good.

Camper cover from CoverBonanza

Extra thick on top to protect the roof

Truck campers are among the most popular portable living accomodations out there. Much cheaper than an RV, they offer comfort and convenience at a relatively affordable price. Campers have been around for years, and if you have an older camper, you may be having some maintenance issues caused by exposure to the elements. Remember that a camper cover can make a big difference over the life of the camper, especially for older models. Most have rubber roofs that can crack if repeatedly exposed to sunlight. Mitigate this risk with a camper cover and you’ll save thousands down the road.

Also note that there are zippers at each corner for access through the rear and sides. Even if you have an older model with a door on the side instead of the back, these covers will accomodate you.

As the busy fourth quarter comes to a close, we enter the doldrums of the first.  These months are full of afternoons of preparation and introspection, of hope for a new year and time for big thoughts.  It’s about erudition, not execution.  In short, it sucks.  I hate January.  No holidays to make the freezing weather bearable, football is almost over, and the gym is really crowded.  These are the times that try men’s souls.  /rant 

Zippidy Mobility Line

January 11, 2012

Zippidy Walker Organizer

Perfect for small items

For those needing help getting around, wheelchairs, walkers and mobility scooters are constant companions that greatly improve quality of life. As such, why not accessorize? A Zippidy walker organizer significantly increases carrying capacity and lets one bring any number of things along while using a walker. This must be a huge help considering those using walkers have to use their arms to move the walker around. If you or a loved one has had difficulty transporting small items due to walker usage, consider an organizer. Inexpensive and versatile, they can make a world of difference in every day life.