Garden Furniture Covers

February 16, 2012

Veranda Grill and Firepit Cover

A few wrinkles never hurt anyone, ask my mother

If you’ve been considering some garden furniture covers, here is what they actually look like in action. Keep in mind these are new and still wrinkly. They will straighten out over a few days of use. For your reference, these are the Veranda line with all the bells and whistles like a drawstring hem, buckled clasps (for the grill cover) and vents to keep moisture from building up. Special thanks to Joe C. for the pics.

Golf cart cover & enclosure

Play together? Stay warm together

Chocolates and flowers are played out. When I think of V-Day I think of comfort for my Valentine. Which is why I’m considering a golf cart cover to keep her warm. Quality time together is important, and for those of you that golf together, it can be a lot more pleasant for both of you with some protection from the elements. These covers are durable, affordable and convenient to install. With at least a year of warranty coverage from the manufacturer, Classic Accessories, you get peace of mind and a warmer valentine.