Veranda Chiminea Cover

Woven, not pressed

When searching for a garden furniture cover the type of material it is made from is almost as important as a snug fit. Cheaper covers will be made from polypropylene. You’ll notice because it will feel like plastic, because, well, it is. It’s not a terrible material, but will only last you a single season, at best. If you need something more durable, consider a polyester, especially if it’s 600 denier. Denier refers to the thickness of the individual threads used in the fabric, and, as you might guess, the higher the number the thicker the fabric, with increased durability and reduced permeability. The Veranda line is made from 600D, as is the Veranda Elite. 300 denier polyester would definitely be a compromise, but it is certainly better than polypropylene. If cost is a major issue, consider the Terrazzo line.


Cesar Millan Store

April 12, 2012


The Cesar Millan Store at has numerous different items to make traveling with your pet more convenient and comfortable.  The food and hydration pack combines all your pet’s needs into one easy-to-carry package with spots for treats, toys and medicines.  Fitted seat protectors keep wet snouts and sharp claws off of leather and upholstery.  If your best friend travels in the cargo area of your SUV, get a cargo liner for easy cleanup of hair and any other leftovers from the trip.  If your pup sleeps on a dog bed at home, why be inconsistent?  Get a folding dog bed to keep your dog in routine.  The edges zip up into a convenient half moon shape for ease of travel and containment of dog hair and dander.

These accessories make life easier for your friend both on daily trips to the grocery store and longer travels.  Travel is all about the details, so don’t leave your pet out of the plan!