Just Keep Fishing

August 20, 2014

Have you ever got home from a fishing trip only to realize that you accidentally left your oars on the river or lake side.Maybe you just purchased a boat off of Craigslist and when you got home and tried putting it together noticed you do not have all the required parts to put it together or possibly you laid out your boat in the lawn to let it dry out in the sun and your spouse runs over it with the lawn mower. Don’t worry you can find all your  Classic Accessories Pontoon Boat and Float Tube Replacement Parts with us.

2 Responses to “Just Keep Fishing”

  1. Tom Floyd said

    I need the plastic sleeves that the oars go into for my pontoon boat. I have 3 on each side. They are threaded with a flange on top and a plastic nut on the bottom. If you email me I can email you a picture of what I need. Thanks. Tom. Ps. I love my pontoon boat

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