Skagit Pontoon Boat

September 8, 2014

Limited availability on this great boat. Get yours before they are gone.$271.95

don't let this keep you off the water

don’t let this keep you off the water


We get this question a lot at CoverBonanza, and it seems like many of you have been searching far and wide by the time you reach us.  One of the great things about a Classic Accessories boat like the Colorado is that every part on the boat is available as a replacement, either through warranty or for purchase.

Replacement bladders, skins, frames, wheels, rod holders, valves and more are all available through our site.  Additionally, we have information straight from the manufacturer on which part goes with your boat, eliminating all guesswork.

The frames themselves on these boats are tough, made with powder-coated steel that should (and do) last for many years.  Why buy a new boat every time the bladder fails or a skin rips?  Save some money for tackle with pontoon boat replacement parts from today.

Just Keep Fishing

August 20, 2014

Have you ever got home from a fishing trip only to realize that you accidentally left your oars on the river or lake side.Maybe you just purchased a boat off of Craigslist and when you got home and tried putting it together noticed you do not have all the required parts to put it together or possibly you laid out your boat in the lawn to let it dry out in the sun and your spouse runs over it with the lawn mower. Don’t worry you can find all your  Classic Accessories Pontoon Boat and Float Tube Replacement Parts with us.

Pontoon Boat?  Or Float Tube?

Ponderay frameless pontoon boat

The Ponderay frameless pontoon boat is an excellent blend of functionality and comfort. Large pontoons add stability and an extremely comfortable seat allows for long hours out on the water. It has nearly the ride-height of a pontoon boat with the light weight and ease of transport of a float tube, coming in at only 27 lbs. Large pockets offer significant storage capacity and adjustable foot rests accomodate all shapes and sizes. With a 350 lb capacity, this boat can handle almost any angler. I have sat in this boat and it is honestly the most comfortable one I’ve been in. The padding is at least 2 inches thick and the seat back is infinitely adjustable. Just a great combo of portability, comfort and capability.

Stormpro Boat Cover from CoverBonanza

Strong yet flexible

Brad Wiegmann, professional fishing guide and boater, wrote this review of the Stormpro boat cover sold by CoverBonanza. Looks like the first impression was pretty good.

Spinfly Float Tube

November 19, 2011

Spinfly float tube

Maximum value and utility

The Spinfly float tube from CoverBonanza is a great float tube at an even better price. Retailing for only $49.95, this is the best value on the market. Made from the same components found in float tubes retailing for twice as much, the Spinfly has all that you’ll need to reach those spots just beyond casting range. We made it a bright red on the top and sides for maximum visibility for other anglers (and hunters!) and a dark gray on the bottom for the fish. It has a stripping apron that breaks away for safety and a hydrodynamic hull for maximum maneuverability. If you’re after a great value, this is the tube for you.

polytech boat cover

Never pay retail.

Ok, so it’s a little late for fall, but all the same, I have a smoking deal on these polytech boat covers. Starting at $45.23 with free shipping, these covers are trailerable and come with a 3-year warranty. They are actually basically the same material as the Hurricane line and other 300 denier polyesters at about half the price. If you need a trailerable boat cover and are looking for a deal, check them out.

Colorado Pontoon Boat

Pontoon boat? More like pawntoon

The Colorado pontoon boat has been my best-selling boat for years. Introduced over 4 years ago, it has maintained a strong presence in the market long since its contemporaries were discontinued or made-over. It has several variations, as well, with re-badged versions selling as the Wilderness and the Outfitter, for example. You may own a Colorado and not even know it.

A rugged and relatively feature-rich boat, the Colorado is right in the sweet spot for introductory personal pontoon boat buyers. For years it was around $450, out the door, affording retailers a decent margin and buyers a pretty good deal. Recently, however, the Colorado has become a pawn in the ever-worsening price war between Amazon and Wal-Mart. Sadly, this once-great source of contribution margin is going the way of the pontoon boat or RV cover: a high-dollar item that buyers use to inflate average order size and top line sales dollars at the expense of gross margin. Amazon’s current strategy of sacrificing profit for sales is a boon to the consumer, if not for schmucks like us.

3 months ago, the Colorado sold for $417.54 at Wal-Mart and Amazon. It is now around $350, including shipping. This is amazingly low, and a fantastic deal for the consumer. I hate to say it, but buyers should take advantage of this pricing if they don’t mind buying from these two behemoths. Don’t forget who told you if you need, say, a grill cover. We’re still competitive with those.

Kennebec Float Tube from CoverBonanza

Open-front tube with stadium seating.

Float Tubes, or belly boats as some call them, are inflatable floating chairs used for fishing and recreation on the water. They are light, maneuverable and surprisingly comfortable. Most will have a number of features designed for fishing, including rod holder(s), stripping aprons and pockets for other fishing equipment. Some are designed to be carried on the back while out of the water and include straps for easier portage.

Most float tubes will have a weight capacity of 300 lbs. or more, with most not exceeding 350 lbs. Obviously, the more weight that is in the tube will affect how it handles and rides in the water, so larger people may want to consider something at the 350lb capacity mark.

Closed-Front Float Tube

This is a closed-front tube.

Most float tubes have an open front design for ease of entry. This simply means that the shape of the tube is akin to a chair; you simply sit in it, strap the stripping apron over you and you’re good to go. Other float tubes have a closed front design. This means that the tube is basically a ring with a backrest and that one needs to step into the tube, taking small steps out into deeper water until there is enough room to sit down, or of course, you can hold it around your middle. Closed-front tubes typically mean that more of a user’s body will be in the water, usually up to the waist. Open front tubes can keep a sitting person out of the water up to the knees if buoyant enough.

Float tubes are also offered in different shapes. Some will have what are effectively short pontoons with a seat in the middle. This design usually refers to the seat as a “stadium seat,” meaning that the backrest is supported by straps that attach to the bottom of the seat and that it will fold down and flatten, if necessary. This design is typically the longest float tube configuration, and offers the most lateral and front and rear stability due to its wide stance in the water. If there is going to be moderately rough water where you are going, this may be the design for you.

Another design shape would be the typical U-shaped float tube. This tube is exactly as it sounds, a U that conforms around the user, joined in the rear and open in the front. Typically, this float tube shape uses the bladders and inflatable volume of the tube to form the backrest, so that you are leaning against the tube itself. This is different than a “stadium seat” which has straps attached to the base of the seat to provide support, like some camping chairs. These float tubes are typically shorter than the “stadium seat”-style of tube, but will usually ride higher. This is due to the fact that the bladders on these types of tubes are larger in volume as they also form the backrest. These types of tubes are recommended for larger users, those who plan on carrying a bit of gear, or just want to ride as high above the water as possible. Please note that all of these designs will get much of your legs wet!

The ring design, or closed front float tube design mentioned above, is the oldest out there and seems to be waning in popularity. It is exceptionally stable. Unfortunately, the reason it is stable is because it uses the rider’s weight pulling down in the middle against the ring as the primary stabilization force. This means that you are getting pretty wet, probably the most of all the different models. Imagine a tube with a very large and strong pair of underwear sewn in the middle of it and you’ll get the idea. These tubes are also usually the smallest of the three main groups, so for portability, they’re not a bad way to go. But, for overall comfort, I would not give them the highest marks.

When choosing a float tube, be sure to explore all of your options and look at what you’ll be using it for. With enough research, it is hard to make a bad decision.

Delaware pontoon boat

A boat that can go on a plane.

The Delaware portable pontoon boat is now only $274.95 with free shipping. It is one of the few portable personal pontoon boats out there, coming with a rolling travel bag much like an overnight carry-on bag. Kind of amazing when you consider that it has a 350 lb. weight capacity and still has 8′ pontoons for good stability. It even comes in at under 50 lbs so you could check it if taking it on a flight. It’s also equipped with dual-chambered pontoons for extra safety. In other words, if you have a pontoon failure, it won’t completely deflate, letting you limp into shore.

delaware pontoon boat duffel

Roll your boat to shore.