National Coffee Day

September 29, 2014

We all can use a cup of coffee on Monday mornings. Although it would be even better if it was free. Well good news today is National Coffee Day so here is a post from International Business Times of ten places to get your free cup.

National Coffee Day 2014: 10 Places Where You Can Get A Free Cup Of Coffee


National coffee day 2014


Snowmobile Extremes

September 16, 2014

snowmobile back flip 9-16-14

Think this is crazy? Not as crazy as our pricing on travel  snowmobile cover at just $5 for medium size.



Waterproof Covers

December 18, 2008

Waterproof?  Or just resistant?

Waterproof? Or just resistant?

Everyone wants to keep the elements off of their outdoor gear.  Sun and rain are the usual suspects when it comes to damaging equipment, and a question I hear often is, “How waterproof are these covers?”

Well, covers have to do a balancing act between breathability and water-resistance.  There’s a reason people don’t just Visqueen their gear.  While almost completely impermeable to moisture, the same is true of air, meaning that with little circulation, the interior of these covers become little terrariums, with closed ecosystems that produce mold and mildew.  That’s not good.  So, manufacturers use synthetic fabrics for breathability, then usually coat them with a layer of plastic or acrylic to make them more resistant to moisture, not to mention UV radiation.

If someone promises that their covers are waterproof, be wary.  Even if they’re telling the truth, you probably don’t want to use them.

For instance, probably a lie:

Water proof covers

More accurate:

Water resistant covers

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They're even colored green!

They're even colored green!

I know, I know.  Could the timing be any worse?  A crippled economy and plunging gas prices have pushed environmental concerns to the back burner, but I applaud Classic Accessories for taking this step towards cleaning up their cover business.  They’ve basically duplicated their very successful Veranda line of covers in form, style and function, but have eliminated half the packaging, made the rest recyclable, and eliminated the use of PVC.  Long the bane of factory workers everywhere, PVC, or Polyvinyl Chloride, is very nasty stuff to make, and has actually been found to cause cancer in those who handle it in the manufacturing process.  Some studies have also shown that PVC can release small amounts of toxic stuff into the air or liquid around it.  The FDA has deemed these amounts too small to hurt you, so don’t worry about it too much.  But its still bad stuff.  So kudos to Classic Accessories. 

Here’s a link to where you’ll be able to find them:

Eco Patio Furniture Covers

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The future of the internet?

The future of the internet?

Advertising with Google’s PPC has major advantages. Results are easily tracked, expenditures are easily controlled, and you can get a good idea of what does and does not work quite quickly. You also get a nice list of your competitors when you google the term you are after. Many times, when editing copy, I’ll look at other sites and see what they’re writing. Just for ideas, mind you; it’s not like I’m not copying them word for word.

There is one company, however, that will just rip off copy with no shame. Bastards. It’s not that big of a deal, especially when they use copy you’ve written that hasn’t converted very well (haha! Oh, wait) but it’s annoying. So now I have the change copy more often to set myself apart. Oh well, welcome to the internet, I guess.

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Hurricane season means different things to many people.  It’s prime time for weathermen.  It means overtime for emergency services.  Al Roker gets slammed to the ground by 100 mph winds.  And, of course, it also means destruction for thousands of people.  Unfortunately for boaters, boats and their covers are not immune.  I have talked to many people who have lost their covers when a hurricane struck, and surprisingly, most were just using a storage cover, i.e. one without straps.  Some even weighted it down with stones or concrete blocks.  This is not the best way to hold on to your cover in a hurricane. 

Those of you living in hurricane-prone areas should have a trailerable boat cover with at least four straps for this time of year.  These covers are designed to stand up to highway winds, and while there’s no guarantee that the cover will hold up in hurricane-force winds, at least you have a fighting chance.  Keep your storage cover for easy access to the boat, but keep a trailerable cover in reserve for use when high winds are expected. 

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So, the internet is a weird place.  Check it out:

What if your mother could see you, Target?

Here we see a photo of some young Target worker putting a Hookah together so he can presumably smoke some sheesha, which is tobacco mixed with fruit.    It’s on Target’s facebook page.  I get it.  Target is cool and hip. 

But, isn’t this similar on some level to putting a picture of yourself on Facebook playing wizards?  As a level 15?  Wizards does not involve hit points, but beer, if you’re unfamiliar.  Look it up. 

Okay, so the hookah isn’t that bad, and most people on Facebook are young and will get it.  But isn’t that what you said about the Sarah Silverman quote you threw in your bio?  I don’t think they’re laughing, Steven. 

Don’t get me wrong.  Target is a great store, and I think it’s smart that they’re leveraging their employees to push their brand with young people.  But I think it’s weird that the new ways of the internet have compelled a huge company to have a picture of a guy smoking out of a water pipe on a website that is affiliated with them.

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Welcome to the weirdness and wonder of the internet.  Check out my store:

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