Looking for Golf Cart Cold Weather Protection? This Fall stay warm and dry in a 4-sided golf cart enclosure from Classic Accessories Fairway collection. New for 2014 is the Fairway FadeSafe custom golf cart covers that are fitted to  the Club Car Precedent, the Drive by Yamaha, and E-Z-GO TXT & RXV two-person golf carts. What is FadeSafe™ ? It  is  a solution-dyed fabric which  significantly reduces sun bleaching. This line provides great features like roll open windows and doors with rip-n-grip straps and windshield bumper access points.  FadeSafe™ comes in two colors Navy News and Light Khaki and  is also offered in other Fairway products like seat and storage covers .


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Golf cart cover & enclosure

Play together? Stay warm together

Chocolates and flowers are played out. When I think of V-Day I think of comfort for my Valentine. Which is why I’m considering a golf cart cover to keep her warm. Quality time together is important, and for those of you that golf together, it can be a lot more pleasant for both of you with some protection from the elements. These covers are durable, affordable and convenient to install. With at least a year of warranty coverage from the manufacturer, Classic Accessories, you get peace of mind and a warmer valentine.

4-Sided Golf Cart Enclosures

November 16, 2011

4-sided golf cart enclosure

4-Sided Golf Cart Enclosure Means Flapping

This post is about 4-sided golf cart enclosures and why they drive me crazy. 4-siders are the most flexible of golf cart enclosures. They are easy to put on. They’ll fit essentially any cart. They are simple, durable and can last for a very long time. Sounds great. But there’s one problem. Most people have windshields. Most people don’t need two windshields. That’s just ridiculous. But wait, you say, you can roll up the front portion of the cover and just leave the three remaining sides down! This is true. But not completely true. Why? Because then the sides flap all around if there is any wind at all. Why do they flap around? Because the hooks that keep the front of the enclosure secure are attached to the front flap! Who thought of that? Why not put it in the front of the side flap so it stays down? Then at least you would have the option of rolling the front side up. You could still get out by leaving the rear zipper undone and exiting towards the B-pillar. Seriously. /rant