It’s Fall ! leaves are changing, football is back on the TV and your planning for that much anticipated hunting trip. This season outfit your ATV or UTV side by side with these great QuadGear branded ATV Rack Bags or UTV Double Gun Holder, and  Seat Covers. You can also keep warm and dry with one of their drivable enclosures or ATV Handlebar Mitts. Shield your machine from the elements while in  transport or when stored with one of  our durable storage covers .






DryGyard ATV Cover

March 2, 2012

DryGuard ATV Cover

Waterproof, not water-resistant

Up until now, most ATV covers were water-resistant rather than water-proof. The problem, for the most part, was not with the material, but with the seams. Water would seep through these weak points in the cover, saturating the ATV and encouraging mold and mildew growth.

Now, we have the DryGuard ATV cover from Classic Accessories. With taped seams to prevent seepage, laminated material for extra water-proofing and an integrated attachment system for towing, this cover is one of, if not the, best on the market. Happy ATVing and protect that machine!

Cab Enclosure Closeout

January 31, 2012

UTV cab enclosure from Coverbonanza

Make work or play more comfortable.

Kawasaki 610 Mule’s are one the most popular side-by-sides in the country. Along with the Polaris Ranger and Yamaha Rhino, the 610 is one tough Utility Vehicle, or UTV. Working and hunting in the winter can get cold in these things, though, so take advantage of special pricing on this Kawasaki 610 cab enclosure. It’s a factory defect, but the only thing wrong with it is slightly different shades of black in the panels. For half price, many flaws can be overlooked, least of all something only visible if you’re looking for it. Stay warm out there and if you don’t have a 610, I think you’ll find pricing for other models quite reasonable.

ATV’s Getting Street Legal?

September 3, 2008

Is camo really a good idea?

Is camo really a good idea?

A number of smaller towns are legalizing ATV use on their city-owned roads.  Reasons for this include the growing popularity of the vehicles and higher gas prices that make fuel-efficient ATV’s more practical for short trips.  The ordinances that I have seen only allow ATV’s to be driven dring the day, and cannot allow ATV drivers to use state-owned roads, just those owned by the city.  This is probably OK for those living in smaller towns with minimal traffic, but can you imagine getting in a wreck with a car in one of these things?  Looks like motorcycles have lost their title of King Deathtrap on American roads.  UTVs/side-by-sides are also included in some of these ordinances. 


Sidney, NE

Marshall, MO

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