Looking for Golf Cart Cold Weather Protection? This Fall stay warm and dry in a 4-sided golf cart enclosure from Classic Accessories Fairway collection. New for 2014 is the Fairway FadeSafe custom golf cart covers that are fitted to  the Club Car Precedent, the Drive by Yamaha, and E-Z-GO TXT & RXV two-person golf carts. What is FadeSafe™ ? It  is  a solution-dyed fabric which  significantly reduces sun bleaching. This line provides great features like roll open windows and doors with rip-n-grip straps and windshield bumper access points.  FadeSafe™ comes in two colors Navy News and Light Khaki and  is also offered in other Fairway products like seat and storage covers .


Classic Accessories

Classic Accessories






It’s Fall ! leaves are changing, football is back on the TV and your planning for that much anticipated hunting trip. This season outfit your ATV or UTV side by side with these great QuadGear branded ATV Rack Bags or UTV Double Gun Holder, and  Seat Covers. You can also keep warm and dry with one of their drivable enclosures or ATV Handlebar Mitts. Shield your machine from the elements while in  transport or when stored with one of  our durable storage covers .





Just in time for Fall is this Fairway 3-sided golf enclosure from Classic Accessories. Get this discounted price while supplies last.

Now $99.95 and qualifies for our free ground shipping .CA39489I2

Football Themed BBQ

September 30, 2014

 Don’t fumble on protecting your BBQ Grill this winter. Protect it like a pro with one of our Durable Veranda,Tailored Ravenna, or Rugged  Hickory Grill covers from Classic Accessories.

GRILLS-Hickory Veranda and Ravenna 9-30-14 Blog post

Polyester is cheap again... for now

Polyester Class A RV Cover

RV covers are usually not the largest expense to come along with an RV purchase, but they’re not exactly cheap. If a buyer doesn’t have the space or money for a more permanent shelter for their RV or trailer, a cover is a necessary compromise to protect a very sizeable purchase from harmful UV radiation and moisture. With most trailers and RV’s having rubber roofs that are easily damaged by exposure to sunlight, some form of protection is a prudent decision.

With two major RV cover manufacturers in the American market, Classic Accessories and ADCO, one’s choices are fairly simple. ADCO is generally more expensive, though not necessarily better. Much of the increased expense is due to licensing agreements with textile licensors such as Dupont in order to offer materials like Tyvek and Sunbrella. Tyvek is the less expensive (and durable) option, and is used for a number of different purposes, including temporary protection for construction projects, durable maps, and postal envelopes. Sunbrella is a woven fabric that has been treated to resist UV damage. It is durable and lightweight and is used for any purpose where sun exposure will be a factor.

Classic Accessories generally competes on price, and could essentially be considered generic versions of the ADCO products. Polypropylene, especially when multi-layered as in the PolyPro III line, will look and feel similar to Tyvek, and, in my experience, offers comparable protection and product life. Their Sunbrella-fighter is a treated Polyester fabric that, again, looks and feels similar with comparable product life and protection.

Keeping all this in mind, I’ll get to my point. It is a transitional product year for Classic Accessories as they launch a replacement for their polyester RV covers, the new PermaPro RV Covers. As such, the old polyester models, the PolyX 300s, are extremely inexpensive right now. Most sizes of these covers were originally north of $500, and, in most cases, can now be had for less than $300. These covers have a 4-year warranty, are lighter but stronger than their non-woven polyester and Tyvek little brothers, and are available at a bargain price.

If you’re looking for an RV cover right now, it’s a great time to buy.

DryGyard ATV Cover

March 2, 2012

DryGuard ATV Cover

Waterproof, not water-resistant

Up until now, most ATV covers were water-resistant rather than water-proof. The problem, for the most part, was not with the material, but with the seams. Water would seep through these weak points in the cover, saturating the ATV and encouraging mold and mildew growth.

Now, we have the DryGuard ATV cover from Classic Accessories. With taped seams to prevent seepage, laminated material for extra water-proofing and an integrated attachment system for towing, this cover is one of, if not the, best on the market. Happy ATVing and protect that machine!

Stormpro Boat Cover from CoverBonanza

Strong yet flexible

Brad Wiegmann, professional fishing guide and boater, wrote this review of the Stormpro boat cover sold by CoverBonanza. Looks like the first impression was pretty good.

Snow thrower cabs make clearing the driveway a significantly more comfortable experience. The cab will keep spray out of your face and take the sting out of the air. Here is a handy video on how to put one together.

They're even colored green!

They're even colored green!

I know, I know.  Could the timing be any worse?  A crippled economy and plunging gas prices have pushed environmental concerns to the back burner, but I applaud Classic Accessories for taking this step towards cleaning up their cover business.  They’ve basically duplicated their very successful Veranda line of covers in form, style and function, but have eliminated half the packaging, made the rest recyclable, and eliminated the use of PVC.  Long the bane of factory workers everywhere, PVC, or Polyvinyl Chloride, is very nasty stuff to make, and has actually been found to cause cancer in those who handle it in the manufacturing process.  Some studies have also shown that PVC can release small amounts of toxic stuff into the air or liquid around it.  The FDA has deemed these amounts too small to hurt you, so don’t worry about it too much.  But its still bad stuff.  So kudos to Classic Accessories. 

Here’s a link to where you’ll be able to find them:

Eco Patio Furniture Covers

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