Looking for Golf Cart Cold Weather Protection? This Fall stay warm and dry in a 4-sided golf cart enclosure from Classic Accessories Fairway collection. New for 2014 is the Fairway FadeSafe custom golf cart covers that are fitted to  the Club Car Precedent, the Drive by Yamaha, and E-Z-GO TXT & RXV two-person golf carts. What is FadeSafe™ ? It  is  a solution-dyed fabric which  significantly reduces sun bleaching. This line provides great features like roll open windows and doors with rip-n-grip straps and windshield bumper access points.  FadeSafe™ comes in two colors Navy News and Light Khaki and  is also offered in other Fairway products like seat and storage covers .


Classic Accessories

Classic Accessories






Veranda Chiminea Cover

Woven, not pressed

When searching for a garden furniture cover the type of material it is made from is almost as important as a snug fit. Cheaper covers will be made from polypropylene. You’ll notice because it will feel like plastic, because, well, it is. It’s not a terrible material, but will only last you a single season, at best. If you need something more durable, consider a polyester, especially if it’s 600 denier. Denier refers to the thickness of the individual threads used in the fabric, and, as you might guess, the higher the number the thicker the fabric, with increased durability and reduced permeability. The Veranda line is made from 600D, as is the Veranda Elite. 300 denier polyester would definitely be a compromise, but it is certainly better than polypropylene. If cost is a major issue, consider the Terrazzo line.

Cesar Millan Store

April 12, 2012


The Cesar Millan Store at CoverBonanza.com has numerous different items to make traveling with your pet more convenient and comfortable.  The food and hydration pack combines all your pet’s needs into one easy-to-carry package with spots for treats, toys and medicines.  Fitted seat protectors keep wet snouts and sharp claws off of leather and upholstery.  If your best friend travels in the cargo area of your SUV, get a cargo liner for easy cleanup of hair and any other leftovers from the trip.  If your pup sleeps on a dog bed at home, why be inconsistent?  Get a folding dog bed to keep your dog in routine.  The edges zip up into a convenient half moon shape for ease of travel and containment of dog hair and dander.

These accessories make life easier for your friend both on daily trips to the grocery store and longer travels.  Travel is all about the details, so don’t leave your pet out of the plan!

DryGyard ATV Cover

March 2, 2012

DryGuard ATV Cover

Waterproof, not water-resistant

Up until now, most ATV covers were water-resistant rather than water-proof. The problem, for the most part, was not with the material, but with the seams. Water would seep through these weak points in the cover, saturating the ATV and encouraging mold and mildew growth.

Now, we have the DryGuard ATV cover from Classic Accessories. With taped seams to prevent seepage, laminated material for extra water-proofing and an integrated attachment system for towing, this cover is one of, if not the, best on the market. Happy ATVing and protect that machine!

Garden Furniture Covers

February 16, 2012

Veranda Grill and Firepit Cover

A few wrinkles never hurt anyone, ask my mother

If you’ve been considering some garden furniture covers, here is what they actually look like in action. Keep in mind these are new and still wrinkly. They will straighten out over a few days of use. For your reference, these are the Veranda line with all the bells and whistles like a drawstring hem, buckled clasps (for the grill cover) and vents to keep moisture from building up. Special thanks to Joe C. for the pics.

Camper cover from CoverBonanza

Extra thick on top to protect the roof

Truck campers are among the most popular portable living accomodations out there. Much cheaper than an RV, they offer comfort and convenience at a relatively affordable price. Campers have been around for years, and if you have an older camper, you may be having some maintenance issues caused by exposure to the elements. Remember that a camper cover can make a big difference over the life of the camper, especially for older models. Most have rubber roofs that can crack if repeatedly exposed to sunlight. Mitigate this risk with a camper cover and you’ll save thousands down the road.

Also note that there are zippers at each corner for access through the rear and sides. Even if you have an older model with a door on the side instead of the back, these covers will accomodate you.

cab enclosure for utv's and side by sides

With a 12V heater, you'll be shooting from the cab.

UTV cab enclosures are the best way to make your work and play time in your side-by-side the most enjoyable this winter. With that said, there are several different kinds out there.

“Hard” cabs are some of the best solutions available. They are extremely durable, using lexan for the windows and ABS plastic (automotive-grade) for the rest of the shell. The doors often swing open for convenience, or they can be un-bolted if things warm up. If you can afford this solution, it is a great way to go. But, you may not be able to as these cabs typically surpass $1000 in total cost, putting them out of reach of many machine owners.

Soft UTV Cabs can be a nice compromise for an enclosure if price is an issue. Made of thick polyester and PVC for the windows, these cabs use zippers for access, and while not as convenient as a hard cab, they get the job done at a fraction of the price. These will generally retail for $200-$250, and if you’re paying more, you’re paying too much. There are cabs for Polaris Rangers, Yamaha Rhinos, Teryx’s and most popular models. If cost is an issue for you, consider a soft cab and stay warm throughout the winter months.

Waterproof Covers

December 18, 2008

Waterproof?  Or just resistant?

Waterproof? Or just resistant?

Everyone wants to keep the elements off of their outdoor gear.  Sun and rain are the usual suspects when it comes to damaging equipment, and a question I hear often is, “How waterproof are these covers?”

Well, covers have to do a balancing act between breathability and water-resistance.  There’s a reason people don’t just Visqueen their gear.  While almost completely impermeable to moisture, the same is true of air, meaning that with little circulation, the interior of these covers become little terrariums, with closed ecosystems that produce mold and mildew.  That’s not good.  So, manufacturers use synthetic fabrics for breathability, then usually coat them with a layer of plastic or acrylic to make them more resistant to moisture, not to mention UV radiation.

If someone promises that their covers are waterproof, be wary.  Even if they’re telling the truth, you probably don’t want to use them.

For instance, probably a lie:

Water proof covers

More accurate:

Water resistant covers

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So, the internet is a weird place.  Check it out:


What if your mother could see you, Target?

Here we see a photo of some young Target worker putting a Hookah together so he can presumably smoke some sheesha, which is tobacco mixed with fruit.    It’s on Target’s facebook page.  I get it.  Target is cool and hip. 

But, isn’t this similar on some level to putting a picture of yourself on Facebook playing wizards?  As a level 15?  Wizards does not involve hit points, but beer, if you’re unfamiliar.  Look it up. 

Okay, so the hookah isn’t that bad, and most people on Facebook are young and will get it.  But isn’t that what you said about the Sarah Silverman quote you threw in your bio?  I don’t think they’re laughing, Steven. 

Don’t get me wrong.  Target is a great store, and I think it’s smart that they’re leveraging their employees to push their brand with young people.  But I think it’s weird that the new ways of the internet have compelled a huge company to have a picture of a guy smoking out of a water pipe on a website that is affiliated with them.

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Welcome to the weirdness and wonder of the internet.  Check out my store:


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