Yamaha Rhino Cab Enclosure

Now with half the doors.

About two years ago, Yamaha had a problem with its popular Rhino utility vehicle (UTV). Apparently, not having doors on the machine was causing people to fall out while making sharp turns. To fix this, Yamaha issued a recall on the Rhino and retro-fitted half doors on it. This put some accessory companies in a bind, however, as some parts, like UTV enclosures, wouldn’t fit the new configuration.

Not to worry. A spec change was issued by these enclosure makers and their Yamaha Rhino Cab Enclosures are now sized to fit models with doors. This means a bit of a sacrifice for those who elected not to put the doors on their machines, as the enclosures will leave about a foot and a half of space where the door should be. But, if you have a Rhino, you should really get the doors put on. It should be free and dramatically improves the safety of the machine. The real losers in this deal are those who bought the Rhino knockoffs, vehicles sometimes licensed by Yamaha and usually made in China, as they are not eligible for the recall and now many Rhino accessories won’t work with their machines.