The number one question about snow thrower cabs is simple: will it fit my machine? I have some first-hand experience with these machines and after a little research, can tell you if your machine will work with one of these protective cabs.

There are two different kinds of cabs, the standard snow thrower cab and the deluxe snow thrower cab The standard cab connects to a cross bar, or the push handle on the machine. Here is an illustration:

Standard snow cab attachment

If you don't have a crossbar like this, don't buy the standard cab.

As you can see, the standard cab needs a free and clear crossbar to attach to the machine. You will need a space of bar that is at least 3″ wide and more than 3 centimeters in diameter. More recent designs of gas-powered snow throwers generally do not have this crossbar. They generally have a set of handles that protrude parallel to one another. Most electric snow throwers, however, do have this crossbar. The main concern with electric models is weight, as these cabs are heavy and can cause the machine to tip over and become unwieldy. Your machine must weigh at least 40 pounds to be able to use the standard cab.

The deluxe cab attaches differently. It attaches to the parallel bars that often have the linkages and throttle controls. Here’s an illustration:

deluxe snow cab attachment point

You must have 4" of uninterrupted space to use the deluxe cab on each bar.

The deluxe cabin is more versatile than the standard as pretty much all throwers have these parallel bars. The only issue is whether you have enough space. Recent models have been putting more and more along the length of these bars, reducing the available space for fitment. You will need to ensure that you have 4″ of uninterrupted bar to secure the clamps that attach to the rest of the cab.

I hope that is helpful. Feel free to ask questions in the comments.


Snow thrower cabs make clearing the driveway a significantly more comfortable experience. The cab will keep spray out of your face and take the sting out of the air. Here is a handy video on how to put one together.