Stormpro Boat Cover from CoverBonanza

Strong yet flexible

Brad Wiegmann, professional fishing guide and boater, wrote this review of the Stormpro boat cover sold by CoverBonanza. Looks like the first impression was pretty good.

Dry Guard Boat Cover

Water inside your boat can be annoying

For those of us with boats, boat covers are important. Even with a covered mooring/lift area, stuff gets into the boat that needs to be cleaned out, and you can even get some uninvited guests like rats, bugs and the like. True boat cover afficionados know that, for years, it has been difficult to find a truly water-proof cover. Most of the current crop are classified as ‘water-resistant,’ and with enough saturation, even the best covers will let water through. See boat cover support poles, for example. Why else create a slope?

You see, the problem hasn’t necessarily been the material, although that is usually the case, as well, but it is generally the seams and the zippers. These weak points are naturally just going to be more porous than the material itself. What to do? For years, well, there wasn’t much to do, short of paying out the nose for a custom cover with the necessary features, such as ‘taped’ zippers and seams. True, water isn’t the worst thing for your boat. If it was, you would have a major problem. Still, it’s nice to not have damp seats and mold and mildew when you peel off the cover every Spring.

Now, however, there is a cost-effective solution. DryGuard covers from Classic Accessories have just come in, and they are technically classified as a water proof boat cover. This is excellent news as these guys retail for less than $170 in the largest size, coming down under $110 for the 12-14′ size. All seams and zippers are taped, and to top it off, this thing is PVC free, meaning you aren’t paying to give Chinese workers cancer. They’re also durable with a 5-year warranty, as long as the 600 denier covers that have traditionally been regarded as the toughest out there. For reference, 600 denier polyester is roughly comparable to soft luggage.

So, while the sun is the biggest enemy of any exposed surface, water is a close second, and now we have a relatively cheap solution for both. Check out these DryGuards online or at your local sporting goods/marine store and see what I mean.

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