Pontoon Boat?  Or Float Tube?

Ponderay frameless pontoon boat

The Ponderay frameless pontoon boat is an excellent blend of functionality and comfort. Large pontoons add stability and an extremely comfortable seat allows for long hours out on the water. It has nearly the ride-height of a pontoon boat with the light weight and ease of transport of a float tube, coming in at only 27 lbs. Large pockets offer significant storage capacity and adjustable foot rests accomodate all shapes and sizes. With a 350 lb capacity, this boat can handle almost any angler. I have sat in this boat and it is honestly the most comfortable one I’ve been in. The padding is at least 2 inches thick and the seat back is infinitely adjustable. Just a great combo of portability, comfort and capability.

Stormpro Boat Cover from CoverBonanza

Strong yet flexible

Brad Wiegmann, professional fishing guide and boater, wrote this review of the Stormpro boat cover sold by CoverBonanza. Looks like the first impression was pretty good.

polytech boat cover

Never pay retail.

Ok, so it’s a little late for fall, but all the same, I have a smoking deal on these polytech boat covers. Starting at $45.23 with free shipping, these covers are trailerable and come with a 3-year warranty. They are actually basically the same material as the Hurricane line and other 300 denier polyesters at about half the price. If you need a trailerable boat cover and are looking for a deal, check them out.

Colorado Pontoon Boat

Pontoon boat? More like pawntoon

The Colorado pontoon boat has been my best-selling boat for years. Introduced over 4 years ago, it has maintained a strong presence in the market long since its contemporaries were discontinued or made-over. It has several variations, as well, with re-badged versions selling as the Wilderness and the Outfitter, for example. You may own a Colorado and not even know it.

A rugged and relatively feature-rich boat, the Colorado is right in the sweet spot for introductory personal pontoon boat buyers. For years it was around $450, out the door, affording retailers a decent margin and buyers a pretty good deal. Recently, however, the Colorado has become a pawn in the ever-worsening price war between Amazon and Wal-Mart. Sadly, this once-great source of contribution margin is going the way of the pontoon boat or RV cover: a high-dollar item that buyers use to inflate average order size and top line sales dollars at the expense of gross margin. Amazon’s current strategy of sacrificing profit for sales is a boon to the consumer, if not for schmucks like us.

3 months ago, the Colorado sold for $417.54 at Wal-Mart and Amazon. It is now around $350, including shipping. This is amazingly low, and a fantastic deal for the consumer. I hate to say it, but buyers should take advantage of this pricing if they don’t mind buying from these two behemoths. Don’t forget who told you if you need, say, a grill cover. We’re still competitive with those.

DryGuard Canvas Boat Cover

Waterproof canvas boat covers are here

If you own a boat, it is wise to keep your investment in the best shape possible, and canvas boat covers can do the job. Constant sunlight, wind, and rain can all slowly break down the exterior of the boat, and may destroy the interior quite quickly. Cover Bonanza offers everything from pontoon boat covers to personal watercraft covers, perfect for jet skis. Consider the different types of canvas boat covers available before you buy.

Most of our covers are adjustable and reflective so that they fit your watercraft perfectly while protecting it from sun fade. Most people enjoy showing off their boat and are not thrilled at the prospect of throwing an unattractive cover on it. However, it is possible to find a boat cover that looks stylish, contemporary, and perfectly fitting for your boat. You might even consider custom boat covers if you want to show some of your own personality through your boat’s protective covering. Overall, you should remember that the best way for your boat to retain its beauty is to stay protected from the elements when not in use, which is how Cover Bonanza can help you.

We pride ourselves on providing a large selection of covers so that customers with all types of watercraft are pleased. Many of our customers need pontoon boat covers for their flat-bottomed boats, while others have a need for a pedal boat cover. Of course, if you own a jon boat, pond boat, or canoe, we also have you and your watercraft covered. If you are unsure what kind of cover you need in order to protect your boat from the elements, feel free to ask us for a recommendation. We likely have a strong canvas cover that will suit your needs perfectly.

Canvas boat covers are the best protection against inclement weather when you cannot keep your boat in a garage. No matter where you live, there is likely some kind of danger to your boat when it is kept outside, whether it is direct sunlight, constant rain, or strong winds. Fortunately, you can cover both your entire boat and even each seat to shield it from damage over time. All you have to do is contact Cover Bonanza to get started protecting your boat today.

Delaware pontoon boat

A boat that can go on a plane.

The Delaware portable pontoon boat is now only $274.95 with free shipping. It is one of the few portable personal pontoon boats out there, coming with a rolling travel bag much like an overnight carry-on bag. Kind of amazing when you consider that it has a 350 lb. weight capacity and still has 8′ pontoons for good stability. It even comes in at under 50 lbs so you could check it if taking it on a flight. It’s also equipped with dual-chambered pontoons for extra safety. In other words, if you have a pontoon failure, it won’t completely deflate, letting you limp into shore.

delaware pontoon boat duffel

Roll your boat to shore.

Dry Guard Boat Cover

Water inside your boat can be annoying

For those of us with boats, boat covers are important. Even with a covered mooring/lift area, stuff gets into the boat that needs to be cleaned out, and you can even get some uninvited guests like rats, bugs and the like. True boat cover afficionados know that, for years, it has been difficult to find a truly water-proof cover. Most of the current crop are classified as ‘water-resistant,’ and with enough saturation, even the best covers will let water through. See boat cover support poles, for example. Why else create a slope?

You see, the problem hasn’t necessarily been the material, although that is usually the case, as well, but it is generally the seams and the zippers. These weak points are naturally just going to be more porous than the material itself. What to do? For years, well, there wasn’t much to do, short of paying out the nose for a custom cover with the necessary features, such as ‘taped’ zippers and seams. True, water isn’t the worst thing for your boat. If it was, you would have a major problem. Still, it’s nice to not have damp seats and mold and mildew when you peel off the cover every Spring.

Now, however, there is a cost-effective solution. DryGuard covers from Classic Accessories have just come in, and they are technically classified as a water proof boat cover. This is excellent news as these guys retail for less than $170 in the largest size, coming down under $110 for the 12-14′ size. All seams and zippers are taped, and to top it off, this thing is PVC free, meaning you aren’t paying to give Chinese workers cancer. They’re also durable with a 5-year warranty, as long as the 600 denier covers that have traditionally been regarded as the toughest out there. For reference, 600 denier polyester is roughly comparable to soft luggage.

So, while the sun is the biggest enemy of any exposed surface, water is a close second, and now we have a relatively cheap solution for both. Check out these DryGuards online or at your local sporting goods/marine store and see what I mean.

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A little water isn't going to hurt anything.

A little water isn't going to hurt anything.

People always ask me if my covers are waterproof. I always have to say that they are water-resistant. The difference is mainly that waterproof boat covers will not allow any moisture through them, regardless of how long the water has been standing, how much comes down, or whether the cover is sloped. In short, a waterproof cover is like wrapping your boat in visqueen and dropping it in a plastic bag.

Why aren’t my covers waterproof, you ask? Well, covers that won’t let water in, won’t let water out. In other words, they don’t ‘breathe,’ causing all kinds of nasty problems like mold and mildew. Waterproof covers must have vents to avoid this, and consequently, can let in even more moisture and other undesirables than a water-resistant cover.

Water-resistant materials: coated polyester, canvas, nylon

Water-proof materials: vinyl, polypropylene

Keep this in mind when shopping for a cover.

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Let's see, keep self-storage or sell the car?

Let's see, keep self-storage or sell the car?

Okay, so ‘bolstered’ is probably too strong of a word. How about ‘made less ugly’ in this economy.

“In this economy” is a phrase one hears often these days. It is both the answer to and beginning of many questions that get asked daily in offices and homes around the world. Just yesterday my boss asked me if I was going to hit my number this month. I answered, with, you guessed it, “In this economy?” I was then told that was not an excuse and to stop being such a baby, in not so many words.

With all the doom and gloom it’s easy to overlook potential opportunities. In my case, covers are a cheaper substitute for monthly storage for RVs, boats, cars, etc. Awesome. Now, will this offset the decline in sales associated with new purchases, i.e. when you buy an RV, you buy a cover? I doubt it. But the landing is a little softer because of it. Let’s hope so. Cause it’s getting close to boat cover season, baby.

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Increased Boater Inspections

January 19, 2009

More waiting in store

More waiting in store

Around the country, efforts have increased to prevent non-native species from encroaching into America’s waterways. The most common way these plants and animals are spread, of course, is in boats. These critters attach themselves to hulls and tanks, jumping ship when you’ve put in at your newest destination. The infamous zebra mussel in the Great Lakes was spread this way, as was the hated milfoil that’s fouled props in my beloved Lake Washington for decades. Federal legislation passed last year that restricted tank discharges for commercial vehicles, and was worded so imprecisely that recreational boaters were included in the environmental dragnet. Politicians from boating states successfully lobbied to get the bill changed so that it only applied to commercial ships.

Ironically, many states are now passing laws that require inspections of these recreational boats before they are allowed to be put in local waters. States like Colorado are copying the long-standing inspection requirements of still-pristine bodies of water like Lake Tahoe. Enforcement will certainly be difficult, and cost a lot of money, but the ecological harm these non-native species can do is stratospheric. Any resident of the Great Lakes region can attest to this, with zebra mussel proliferation and declining native fish stocks due to introduced sport fish like Atlantic Salmon having major impacts there.

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